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ALEDA's Comprehensive Approach

As a leading company in this field, ALEDA Inc. is able to leverage world-class engineering, technological know-how, financing expertise and construction practices to deliver superior results. The ALEDA team will assess the needs of each client, design a comprehensive energy program from inception to completion inclusive of technological expertise from power protection through testing verification.

ALEDA's Clean Energy Engineering and Sustainable Design

Depending on your facility, our engineering solutions involve a wide array of clean energy technologies and applications, including lighting systems, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) upgrades, including boilers, chillers and piping, water conservation measures, building shell retrofits, electrical infrastructure, thermal heat storage recovery, on-site renewable power generation (solar photovoltaic, biomass fuels), other distributed power systems, energy management systems, central plant installations, electrical capacity upgrades, and extensive building renovations. In addition, we offer unparalleled expertise in sustainable design. Professionals are accredited by the U.S. Green Building Council in the processes and requirements for achieving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) green building certification.

ALEDA's Equipment Procurement and Construction Management

We procure the equipment and permits required for our customer solutions, tapping our vast sourcing experience and corporate buying power. As a general contractor, we also manage project construction, applying our experience from hundreds of projects completed safely, on time and on budget. ALEDA Operations and Maintenance Training and Information Transfer After a project is constructed, we will provide operational and behavioral awareness training for our client to optimize and extend the performance of your investment.

ALEDA's Energy Management - Metering, Monitoring and Verification

Some contracts include performance guarantees backed by monitoring and verification services. On these projects, our team members work with the customer to establish energy usage benchmarks along with recommended strategies for meeting those benchmarks. We will then install advanced metering devices and alarms to monitor critical systems and create online reporting systems, enabling our customers to analyze energy usage patterns using a variety of formats and time frames.

Communication Outreach

We deliver programs that generate positive media and public recognition, support our customer's goals, and provide long-term benefits to the community. Our marketing, communications and media professionals develop and execute communications strategies on behalf of our clients.


Our Program

Renewable EnergyThe ALEDA approach to mitigating risk in providing energy reduction proven technologies and retrofit solutions is unique.


Our Services

Renewable EnergyALEDA team professionals evaluate energy efficiency challenges with proprietary analysis tools necessary for the data collection required.


What Makes us Different

Renewable EnergyALEDA as of one of the leading companies in this field is able to leverage world-class engineering, technological know-how.